About Google Review Boost

We know just how important reviews are to the success of your business, which is why we are thrilled about the launch of Google Review Boost, a solution designed to get GuildQuality members more Google Reviews. 

How it works

We start each customer survey with a Google review request. Leading with this results in an enormous boost in Google reviews without costing you survey responses. Watch the video below to see exactly how seamlessly this works!

Google Review Boost

Google Review Tracker

In addition to requesting Google reviews, Google Review Boost includes your very own Google Review Tracker that shows you exactly how many reviews you are gathering, what your average score is both monthly and all-time, and how many reviews you’ve gathered in the last year, making your GuildQuality dashboard the one-stop shop for managing your Google reviews!

Next Steps

To enable this feature, log in to your GuildQuality account and go to Settings. For assistance, email support@guildquality.com

This form has been removed. Google Review Boost is now a part of the standard GuildQuality subscription.