About GuildQuality

Over the last decade,15,000+ remodelers, builders, and contractors have relied on our customer satisfaction surveying and performance reporting software to get honest, unbiased customer feedback and more online reviews.

Customizable, multi-touch surveying

Our survey process couldn't be easier. Once you integrate your customer data and select your survey questions, our team of surveyors will contact your customers via email and phone, ensuring unbiased, comment-rich feedback.   

Performance reporting

Our reporting features make tracking and assessing both individual and company performance a breeze. And if that's not enough, we'll also tell you how your scores compare to your competition.

Automated marketing

Want to automatically push your reviews to your website and social media pages? No problem! We'll also create a profile page for your business that displays customer reviews, satisfaction scores, contact info, and photos.   

Let us prove the value of our services and help you strengthen your online presence, improve the quality of your service, and win more business.


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